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Universal Data Logger

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Universal Data Logger (DG-DL-U-Cxx), is a microprocessor based electronic instrument that is designed to accept any of the load/pressure/temperature/humidity/displacement data from different points using the required sensors. The instrument measures the input signal, processes it and displays the measured parameter on a 20×4 LCD display (Also available with touchscreen). Up to Sixteen channels may be provided. The channels may be displayed in a sequential manner or may be selected manually, by providing an appropriate command from the keyboard (With Touchscreen: All the channels are displayed simultaneously). Store Interval, real time, and Channel Configuration are software programmable.

The built-in real-time clock is provided to put the time stamp on the measured data. The measured data of all the channels may be transferred to a PC through an RS-232C link/USB on store interval with the time stamp using an appropriate command. Data may be captured in a PC in a suitable format to import data into Excel. Optional PC-based software may be provided to display and store serial data on PC for further analysis. The unit is mains operated and portable. The unit is supplied with suitable accessories.

Note: – The customer is required to mention the types of sensors, the number of channels, and the ranges for measurement of the parameters in the order.


  • Highly stabilized amplifier, make it suitable for long period measurements
  • User-Friendly keyboard to set different parameters
  • High-Performance ADC
  • Online data is available on PC
  • 4×20 intelligent LCD display



Product Code DG-DL-U-Cxx
Category Data Loggers
Display 20×4 Intelligent LCD display
Range 0 – 10.00T
0-200.0 ºC
Resolution As per sensor
Accuracy ± 0.2% ± 1 digit
Channels Up to 16 Channel
Sensor As specified by user
Scan rate Up to 8 channels / sec
Memory Internal non-volatile memory to store parameters and data
Channel Sensor Programming Each channel may be programmed for its parameters
RS-232-C interface To transfer data to PC
Skip facility Channel SKIP facility available
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimension 450W x 300D x 150H (8 channels)
Usage Environment Temp. 55 ºC & RH 99% non-condensing
Power Supply 200 to 250VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
Applicable Standards NA
Applications Research applications, Environment chambers