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Transformer Turn Ratio Meter (DG-TTE-614)

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TRANSFORMER TURN RATIO METER (DG-TTE-614), is designed for measuring actual turn ratio of power and distribution transformers. The instrument uses null balancing method for measurement to achieve high accuracy. The instrument is electronically protected for overload and short-circuit.

A current meter is provided to indicate the exciting current, taken by the transformer under test. A voltmeter is provided to indicate the excitation voltage given to LT winding of transformer under test. The instrument is supplied in wooden cabinet kept inside a leather carrying case along with a soldier carrying strap. The instrument is of heavy duty class, rated for continuous use. The unit is hand operated and requires no power source. It is designed to work satisfactory in normal climatic conditions of India.

Salient Features

  • The instrument is null balancing type
  • Built-in hand generator as power source
  • High accuracy of measurement
  • Wide measurement range
  • Suitable for field use


Product Code DG-TTE-614
Equipment Category Transformer Testing Equipment
Display 5 digit LED
Range 1 to 110.000
Least count 0.001
Measurement accuracy +/- 0.1% +/- 1 digit
Coarse Balancing By selector switches (10 X 10), (1 X 9), (0.1 X 9)
Fine balancing By venire potentiometer (0.001 x 100 divisions)
Test Lead Oil resistant 3 meters long
Voltmeter (0-2.00V) Provided to indicate voltage fed to LT
Current meter(0- 1.00 A) Provided current drawn by LT
Null Meter Provided to indicated null balance
Power Supply Built in Hand generator
Weight  NA
Dimension 410W x 235D x 240H (mm)
Usage Environment ≤40°C; <80% RH
Applicable Standards NA
Testing Applications Transformer Industry