Humidity Data Logger

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Humidity Data Logger (DG-DL-H-Cxx) is a microprocessor based electronic instrument that is designed to accept and record humidity data. The instrument measures the input signal, processes it and then displays the measured parameter on a 20×4 LCD display (Also available with touchscreen). Up to Thirty-two channels may be provided. The channels may be displayed in a sequential manner or may be selected manually, by providing an appropriate command from the keyboard (With Touchscreen: All the channels are displayed simultaneously). Store Interval, real time, and Channel Configuration are software programmable.

The built-in real-time clock is provided to put the time stamp on the measured data. The measured data of all the channels may be transferred to PC through an RS-232C link/USB on store interval with the time stamp on appropriate command. Data maybe captured on a PC in a suitable format to import data into Excel. Optional PC-based software may be provided to display and store serial data on PC for further analysis. The unit is mains operated and portable. The unit is supplied with suitable accessories.


  • Highly stabilized amplifier making it suitable for Creep / RS measurement
  • High-Performance ADC
  • User-Friendly keyboard to set different parameters
  • Online data is available on PC
  • 4×20 intelligent LCD display



Product Code DG-DL-H-Cxx
Equipment Category Data Logger
Display 20×4 Intelligent LCD display
Range 10.0 to 99.9 %
Accuracy ± 0.1% ± 1 digit
Channels Upto 32 Channel
Sensor SHT11
Scan rate Up to 8 channels / sec
Memory Internal non-volatile memory to store parameters and data
Channel Sensor Programming Each channel may be programmed for its parameters
RS-232-C interface To transfer data to PC
Skip facility Channel SKIP facility available
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimension 300W x 250D x 125H (8 channels)
Usage Environment Temp. 55 ºC & RH 99% non-condensing
Power Supply 200 to 250VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
Applicable Standards NA
Applications B.O.D’ s, Blood banks, Environment chambers, Refrigerated circulating bath