Manual Polarograph

Manual Polarograph (DG-ME-MP), is designed to conduct manual polarography easily and precisely. The potential fed to the electrodes can be continuously varied with adjustable polarity. The reference voltage and the current flow are displayed on digital panel meters. The recorded output is also provided. The unit is mains operated.

Polarography, also called analysis or voltammetry in analytical chemistry, is an electrochemical method of analyzing solutions of reducible or oxidizable substances.

In general, polarography is a technique in which the electric potential (or voltage) is varied in a regular manner between two sets of electrodes while the current is monitored. The shape of a polarogram depends on the method of analysis selected, the type of indicator electrode used, and the potential ramp that is applied.

The majority of the chemical elements can be identified by polarographic analysis, and the method is applicable to the analysis of alloys and to various inorganic compounds. Polarography is also used to identify numerous types of organic compounds and to study chemical equilibria and rates of reactions in solutions.

There are two kinds of polarographs: manual and recording. With a manual instrument, the potential applied to the cell is adjusted to some desired value and the current is measured. A single point on the polarogram is thus obtained. If the whole curve is required, the procedure must be repeated many times. This is tedious, especially when several waves or a complex polarogram is to be observed as such, the manual polarograph is not very convenient. For such observations, a recording instrument is most suitable.

The manual polarographs are not at a disadvantage either. The diffusion-current measurements can be made more precisely and more quickly with manual polarograph than with recording polarograph.

The instrument has a very wide range of application in the industrial field of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Mining, Spinning, Ship and Aircraft Building and various research and development Laboratories.


Product Code DG-ME-MP
Category: Measuring Equipment
Display 4.5 digit led
Potential Range ± 2.000 Volt
Current Range ± 10.000 mA
Measurement accuracy Better than 1%
Terminal Provided Reference/working/counter
Recorder output Provided
Power Supply 230V ac mains,50Hz
Applications Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Mining, Spinning, Ship and Aircraft Building and various Research and Development Laboratories