• Inception
    February 27, 1984

    Inception – Mr L K Gupta joined Mr Goel. The company was formally established as a partnership between the two.

  • IITs and other Govt and Private Engineering Colleges
    July 27, 1984

    IITs and other Govt and Private Engineering Colleges (Strain Indicator and Data Loggers etc) – We have been the prime supplier of the Digital indicators and the Data Loggers to IIT Roorkee and nearby Engineering Colleges for the last 32 years.

  • Private players
    July 27, 1985

    Private players (Strain Indicator and Data Loggers etc) – We started supplying various measuring and testing equipments to the private players. Owing to the quality of our products many of the initial customers are now, after 32 years, our permanent customers.

  • DRDO (DC to DC Convertor)
    July 27, 1986

    DRDO (DC to DC Convertor) – used as Missile Power Supply

  • CBRI (Thermal Conductivity Apparatus)
    July 27, 1987

    CBRI (Thermal Conductivity Apparatus) – We have been supplying Thermal Conductivity Apparatus to CBRI, PIBCO,  etc. for last three decades. Our product costs five times less than the cost of imported equipment. We have been able to develop a low cost, affordable, high quality and efficient import substitute for the equipment.

  • Paper Industry Equipment Manufacturers
    July 27, 1990

    Paper Industry Equipment Manufacturers (Horizontal and Vertical Tensile Tester and Bursting tester etc) – We have been supplying the Electronics Measurement & Control Kit for more than 20 products to such manufacturers for the last 25 years.

  • ISRO
    July 27, 1991

    ISRO (60 channel – Strain Data Logger) – Helped the Indian Space Research Organisation in reducing the vibration of their latest Launch Vehicle.

  • Railways (DC to DC Convertor)
    July 27, 1992

    Railways (DC to DC Convertor) – For the next 10 years we were the monopoly supplier of the instrument for Railways and its vendors throughout the Country.

  • BHEL (Argon Gas Purifier)
    July 27, 1993

    BHEL (Argon Gas Purifier) – We have been a regular provider of Argon Gas Purifier to the Maharatna, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited for the last 25 years (latest purchase was in 2013)

  • IOCL (PSP Data Logger)
    July 27, 2007

    IOCL (PSP Data Logger) – We are the sole Indigenous provider of PSP Data Loggers to the Maharatna since 2007

  • Metallurgical Research Laboratory
    July 27, 2012

    Metallurgical Research Laboratory (Argon Gas Purifier) – Providing the laboratory with the purifier for the last 20 years (latest purchase was in 2012)

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